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I am a fifth year graduate student. My research is in integrating multiomic datasets to understant Chinese hamster ovary cell behavior for applications in cell line engineering and optimal bioprocess design. I have led an effort to construct a consensus genome-scale model of metabolism in CHO cells and identified a method to completely eliminate lactate production in this cell line.

2011, B.S. Bioengineering: Biotechnology, University of California San Diego.
  • Swainston, N., Smallbone, K., Hefzi, H., Dobson, P.D., Brewer, J., Hanscho, M., Zielinski, D.C., Ang, K.S., Gardiner, N.J., Gutierrez, J.M., Kyriakopoulos, S., Lakshmanan, M., Li, S., Liu, J.K. , Martinez, V.S., Orellana, C.A., Quek, L.E., Thomas, A., Zanghellini, J., Borth, N., Lee, D.Y., Nielsen, L.K., Kell, D.B., Lewis, N.E., Mendes, P. Recon 2.2: from reconstruction to model of human metabolism. Metabolomics, accepted (2016).
  • Hefzi, H.*, Ang, K.S.*, Hanscho, M.*, Bordbar, A., Ruckerbauer, D., Lakshmanan, M., Orellana, C.A., Baycin-Hizal, D., Huang, Y., Ley, D., Martinez, V.S., Kyriakopoulos, S., Jimenez, N.E., Zielinski, D.D., Quek, L.E., Wulff, T., Arnsdorf, J., Li, S., Lee, J.S., Paglia, G., Loira, N., Spahn, P.N., Pedersen, L.E., Gutierrez, J.M., Lund, A.M., Nagarajan, H., Thomas, A., Abdel-Haleem, A.M., Zanghellini, J., Kildegaard, H.F., Voldborg, B.G., Gerdtzen, Z.P., Betenbaugh, M.J., Palsson, B.O., Andersen, M.R., Nielsen, L.K., Borth, N., Lee, D.Y., Lewis, N.E. A consensus genome-scale reconstruction of CHO cell metabolism for improved biotherapeutic protein production. (Submitted).
  • Golabgir, A.*, Gutierrez, J.M.*, Hefzi, H., Li, S., Palsson, B.O., Herwig, C., Lewis, N.E. Quantitative feature extraction from the Chinese Hamster Ovary bioprocess bibliome using a novel meta-analysisworkflow. Biotechnology Advances, in press (2016).
  • Hefzi, H., Lewis, N.E. From random mutagenesis to systems biology in metabolic engineering of mammalian cells. Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing. 2:355-358 (2014)
  • Ghosh, S., Larson, S.D., Hefzi, H., Marnoy, Z., Cutforth, T., Dokka, K., Baldwin, K.K. Sensory maps in the olfactory cortex defined by lon-range viral tracing of single neurons. Nature 472:217-220 (2011).
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