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Preprints under peer review

Rocamora F., Schoffelen S., Arnsdorf J., Toth E.A., Abdul Y., Cleveland T.E., Bjorn S.P., Wu Y.M., McElvaney N.G., Voldborg B.G.R., Fuerst T.R., Lewis N.E.Glycoengineered recombinant alpha1-antitrypsin results in comparable in vitro and in vivo activities to human plasma-derived protein, bioRxiv (2024).

Li H*Peralta A.G.*, Schoffelen S., Hansen A.H., Arnsdorf J., Schinn S., Skidmore J., Choudhury B., Paulchakrabarti M., Voldborg B.G., Chiang A.W.T.Lewis N.E.LeGenD: determining N-glycoprofiles using an explainable AI-leveraged model with lectin profiling, bioRxiv (2024).

Gopalakrishnan S., Johnson W., Valderrama-Gomez M.A., Icten E., Tat J., Lay F., Diep J., Gomez N., Stevens J., Schlegel F., Rolandi P., Kontoravdi C., Lewis N.E.Multi-omic characterization of antibody-producing CHO cell lines elucidates metabolic reprogramming and nutrient uptake bottlenecks. bioRxiv (2023).

Masson H.O., Kuo C.C., Malm M., Lundqvist M., Sievertsson Å, Berling A., Tegel H., Hober S., Uhlén M., Grassi L., Hatton D., Rockberg J.‡, Lewis N.E.Deciphering the determinants of recombinant protein yield across the human secretome, bioRxiv (2022).


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