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GitHub – all published source code and resources are available here

CHO Bibliome – A comprehensive list of all publications on the topic of CHO cell bioprocessing and cell line development from 1995-2015

PinAPL-Py – An easy to use webtool that takes raw sequence data from pooled genome-wide CRISPR screens, processes the data and returns enriched and depleted targets, plus publication quality figures.

CRISPyR – A CRISPR target finding tool based on CRISPy (for CRISPR knockouts, CRISPRi, or CRISPRa) developed by Lasse Ebdrup Pedersen to facilitate our work with CHO cells.

Proteogenomic annotation of the Chinese hamster genome – We annotated the genome using RNA-Seq, proteomics, and Ribo-Seq data.  

cell2cell – A software package for studying cell-cell interactions

ImmCellFie – A webtool for deciphering the metabolic functions that are active or repressed in a transcriptomic or proteomic sample.